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TideTurn Weapon Guide

published : October 21, 2020

Whether you’re a skilled and sneaky sharpshooter or an explosive-happy ‘nade launching frontline defender, TideTurn has the perfect weapon for your playstyle — you just have to get to it first.
Each map has weapon spawns strategically placed throughout the city, encouraging defenders to make split-second tactical choices when it comes to their movement strategy. For example, San Francisco [link to that article once published this week] has snipers behind defender spawns on the rooftop and a shotgun in the center of the map. The choice is yours: Grab the snipers and dominate high ground or race to the powerful shotgun for aggressive takedowns.
Humans and Atlantians also have their own variations of many of the weapons. Defenders from D.R.I. and Abyssian Court can grab any version of their choosing — just make sure it matches your tactics. Human weapons often fire faster and can deal headshot damage if fired accurately. Atlantian weapons deal area of effect damage, painting the map with larger splashes.

Rifles //

Human // AX 1-22 Burst

This is a slow-firing rifle that deals impressive damage. It also features a scope, making it quite accurate and deadly at longer ranges. The slower fire rate makes the human rifle a bit lackluster when it comes to coloring the map and close-range combat. Instead, use this weapon for longer range fighting and satisfactory headshots — nothing is as satisfying as that.


This is a weapon that excels at coloring the map from a distance. If you notice a player speeding along a path on the streets below you, fire down to disrupt their movement. That never gets old! While you’ll need to lead your shot against moving targets, learning the proper timing can result in devastating damage.

Pistols //

Human // SC 1-18 Handheld

This rapid-fire pistol is a great choice for close and mid-range combat. While it may do less damage than the rifle, this weapon can still reduce enemies to a puddle with an accurately placed headshot.

Atlantian // Atlantian Guardian

This pistol fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, covering large areas in water quite rapidly. This is the best weapon for quickly coloring yourself a path, but its limited range means you’ll need to rush in close to get solid damage on another defender.

Shotgun // Spreadshot

This is a close-range weapon that is so powerful it can even make an impact mid-range. Defenders who wield shotguns will find themselves successfully coloring the map in their surrounding area with ease thanks to its spread damage.

Sniper Rifle // HP Pierce Shot

The sniper is the best weapon for long range combat thanks to its scope. This is a gun that rewards aim and accuracy, as well as patience and high ground dominance. It’s a favorite for defenders like Beatrice, who thrive on picking off enemies from afar.

Grenade //

Human // VX Aquamesh Grenade

D.R.I. issued grenades explode shortly after bouncing a single time. Defenders will lodge them into hard-to-reach areas or places that are tightly defended, enjoying this grenade’s preciseness.

Atlantian // Atlantian Protomesh Disruptor

Atlantian grenades can stick to anything they touch, whether that’s a player or a wall. This can be a OHKO for defenders with good aim. Or opt to toss it onto a nearby wall, putting a damper in their upward getaway plans.

Special Weapons //

Are you already hyped? I’m hyped! But we’re just getting started. Here’s where the weapons get even more interesting. This is some Atlantian technology unlike anything land dwellers have ever laid eyes on — well unless you’re in D.R.I. of course. Those humans sure know how to modify ancient Atlantian tech.

Laser Beam

This weapon charges for a period of time, unleashing a blast that melts anything in its path. It’s not ideal for quick fights, but it’s perfect for destroying Manatsu’s armored robot and any other vehicle or fortification. I’m in love with this weapon already even though Pagos hasn’t even let me try it out yet.

Grenade Launcher // The One-Shot

Projectiles will roll on the ground until they hit something — or someone. This easily makes for some impressive paths. Accurate defenders can also score direct hits for big, BIG damage.

RC Rocket

The RC Rocket can be piloted by any defender until it crashes into something. Sick of Beatrice sniping from the roof or Jayden launching grenades from the sky? Deal with pesky snipers with this weapon while keeping a safe distance and stealthy angle.

Sword // Gamma Project “Justice”

Yes, there’s a f$^&! sword! Defenders wielding a sword will get a small boost to their movement speed, which is even scarier when you know that a slash from a sword can kill instantly. Maybe there’s a reason Pagos won’t let just anybody touch Atlantian tech.

Rain Cloud

This heavy weapon fires a slow-moving projectile that constantly rains down water. This damages everything it passes over while simultaneously providing your team a path to move down. Painting the map has never been easier.

As we approach TideTurn’s launch on November 10, the Stanion Studios team will have even more information on these powerful, one-of-a-kind weapons. Expect more precise weapon damage info as well as more photos and gameplay clips showing our high-tech, water-blasting weapons in action.

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