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Ian Stanion, TideTurn Game Designer

STANION STUDIOS CTO, TideTurn Game Designer/Game Director

Leesa Stanion, TideTurn Investor, Executive Producer, Game Art Director

3D Character Design & Initial Story Dev for TideTurn, HR and Team Management, Game 2D/3D Art & Animation Director, Marketing Manager, UI Design, Business Development Exec


Leesa Stanion | Ian Stanion | Elle Stanion


Game Mechanics, UE4 Gameplay Ability System, Character Abilities Programmer; MapMaker Feature: Craig Delancy, Principal Engineer

UI Dev: Teoh Kheng Hoek | Levan Phirtskhalava

Backend and Networking Programmer: Filipe Neto | Teoh Kheng Hoek | Shin

Gameplay, Character Abilities, UE4 Game Ability System: Craig Delancy | Teoh Kheng Hoek | Joe Bauer

AI: Joe Bauer

MapMaker Dev and Optimization: Levan Phitskhalava | Otto Omanadze

QA and Abilities/BP Testing: Filipe Neto | Francisco Garrido

Engineering Project Management: Filipe Neto | Ian Stanion | Leesa Stanion

Early Phase Programmers: Ian Stanion | Mahesh Velagonda | Shin


San Francisco, Japan, Ireland Maps: Kevin Wiratama - Principal | Ian Stanion | Anthony Medendorp

3D Map Concepts: Agustin Chiwo - Lead | Stefan Wacker

3D CHARACTER MODELLING/TEXTURING: Kaan Sofuoglu | Sadeq Hosseini | Aaron Lutes | Ali Akdogan | Derek Lied

3D ANIMATION/RIGGING: Amir Dehghanpur | Mahdi Darvishani | Ali Akdogan | Rohan Singh | Akshat Bhargava | Rhajeev Kumar | Vinodh Umaiyar | Danilo Garrido Lepe

3D ENVIRONMENT ASSET ARTIST: Ali Akdogan | Noah Aguilar | Aaron Lutes | Eric Abdoul | Danilo Garrido Lepe | Rohan Singh | Karan Kumar Das | Alex Tykkoiev

2D ARTIST: Monika Szewczyk (Misza) | Agustin Chiwo | Adrian Hoffman | Sam Denmark | Ege Yaykin | Pablo Peruzzi | Marcos Cattani | Lar Jude

CONCEPT ARTIST: Agustin Chiwo | Tomas Norambueno | Sam Denmark | Stefan Wacker

TRAILERS/MARKETING CONTENT DEV & PRODUCTION: Leesa Stanion | Muhammad Danial Atoofi | Marley Jacobs | Marcus Jackson | Danilo Garrido Lepe | Ellsworth Hall | Otto Omanadze | Levan Phirtskhalava


Alex Adrin | Diana Kishinba | Tornike Photskhverashvili

UI Design & Dev: Leesa Stanion | Ian Stanion | Teoh Kheng Hoek | Monika Szewczyk | Rodrigo Garrido Lepe


Ian Stanion | Craig Delancy | Joe Bauer | Levan Phirtskhalava | Spencer Kee | Aaron Santiago | Abe Kirschner | Danilo Garrido Lepe | Filipe Neto | Otto Omanadze | Francisco Garrido


Ellsworth Hall | Nicolas Bravo

CHARACTER VOICE ACTORS: Nick Monteleone | Yurika Ohno | Maya Tuttle | Abigail Turner | Joe Edwards | Holly Linden | Demetric Smith | Pete Merluzzi | Will Brood | Katabelle Ansari


Elle Stanion

Website Design: Elle Stanion

Website Development: Chan Chawla

Social Media And Streaming Initiatives: Elle Stanion | Carolina Almeida | Olivia Richman

Marketing Copywriter: Olivia Richman | Elle Stanion

Marketing Content Developer: Leesa Stanion | Marley Jacobs | Danilo Garrido Lepe

WRITER, LORE: Matthew Miller - Principal | Leesa Stanion | Cory Dobos


Level Design: Kevin Wiratama

Lore, Character Voice Lines & Campaign Writer: Matt Miller

Stanion Studios Reveals Its TideTurn Game, Map Maker, And Ocean Conservation Efforts

San Francisco — Stanion Studios, an award-winning multimedia company, announced a new game title. TideTurn is a free-to-play 5v5 third-person shooter in which players use submergible water to create their own paths and navigate the map. With influences from Call of Duty, Splatoon and Halo, the open-ended movement options make TideTurn an incredibly strategic game focused on split-second decision making and fast-paced combat.

TideTurn’s Early Access Founder’s Release announced on Aug 1, 2021, and includes a colorful roster of Defenders with multiple unique abilities, powerful weapons, two vibrant maps, multiple multiplayer game modes, a lore-heavy campaign, and a community Map Maker, rarely available in F2P games. Players create custom playable maps using available map assets — or by creating their own. They will even be able to play on other creators’ maps; see a demo here: []

“It's going to be exciting to see what kind of incredible and creative ideas people come up with in the TideTurn MapMaker,” Game Designer Ian Stanion stated. “The Halo forge map editor was really a watershed moment for me; that's when I realized what vast a creative outlet game making can be! I want TideTurn's MapMaker to spark that same love for ingenuity and creative expression others can enjoy and share with the gaming community.”

TideTurn tells the story of a fight over the world's oceans. Mysterious water-borne cultures are rising up and attacking coastal cities all over the world because humans have ruined the oceans.

“The ocean has always been a big part of my life. I grew up near a surfing town in California — Santa Cruz. I used to do volunteer work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and I've seen the horrors caused by ocean degradation firsthand,” Stanion explained. “The destruction of our oceans is something I feel very personally connected to, so it just feels natural to address that in the art I'm making.”

Gamers can expect campaigns and events from partnered streamers and content creators with a focus on ocean conservation. Read more about TideTurn’s ocean conservation and awareness efforts here: []

TideTurn is an ever-changing game that will deliver events, new Defenders, new characters, new campaigns, and new Map Maker content in continuous quarterly drops. The story behind TideTurn will also be unraveled in campaign extensions, as well as through various multimedia such as comics and art.

For more information on TideTurn’s Early Access Founder’s Release, visit [] and pick the side you’ll be fighting for on Aug 1, 2021 EARLY ACCESS FOUNDER'S RELEASE DATE!

About Stanion Studios

Stanion Studios is an award-winning content development and multimedia production company located on the US east coast and the Silicon Valley. Founded in 2008 by Leesa Stanion, the studio is developing and deploying a continuous stream of F2P experiences to gamers worldwide, starting with its first release of TideTurn. An F2P game designed by Ian Stanion in 2018, the ambitious title has both multiplayer modes and single-player campaigns designed for all ages and for all cross-play platforms. With features like the community MapMaker and multiple character abilities in a 5v5 arena, plus story modes, Stanion Studios is positioning itself to become the most player-focused game development company in the industry.