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The Movement, Mechanics, and Mind Games of TideTurn

published : October 8, 2020

Do you like fast-paced gameplay? Split-second decision making? Strategic freeform movement? Then you’ve come to the right game update! The Stanion Studios developers want to share a bit more insight into the gameplay mechanics of TideTurn as the release date approaches (Nov. 10!!).
We recently revealed our first two defenders so you’re probably busy debating if you’re going to fight for Atlantians or Humans. While each defender has their own unique playstyle and tactics based on their abilities, every defender will have water-based weapons that can cover any surface on the map. Yes, any surface — streets, trees, buildings, vehicles, walls.

Submerge //

Anywhere you splash water on the map, your defender can submerge into the water (thank you, Atlantian tech) and travel seamlessly throughout the paths you’ve created. While submerged, you move faster. And if you jump while submerged, you’re given a powerful launch and a burst of speed.
Players can get around swiftly by launching out of the water and shooting where they land, arcing in and out of water like a dolphin. If you launch out of the water while submerged on a wall, you’ll receive a walljump for innovative parkour movement that allows you to strategically manuever building to building.

Stealth //

I also want to mention that being submerged in water makes you less visible! This means there’s added potential for stealth. TideTurn players can choose between fast-paced, unpredictable movement and aggression — even painting the ground near an enemy to interrupt their movement — or slow, methodical map control, avoiding enemies and covering the map in your color.

Strategy //

Each weapon (to be revealed soon!) covers the map in different ways. Human weapons can shoot faster and at further distances. This may work better for players looking to target enemies, either eliminating them or blocking their path. Atlantian weapons are a bit more powerful and cover a lot more space, making them perfect for players who want to dominate the map. The weapons are spawned throughout the map — so choose the weapon that matches your strategy best.

TideTurn is definitely a game where you express yourself through movement on a freeform canvas. Think: Mario 64 speedruns, where speedrunners use problem solving and creativity to find new ways of using the map to their advantage. And you probably thought of another Nintendo game, too.
Let me dig up my quote from Lead Game Designer, Ian Stanion.
“Splatoon is a great game, but feels explicitly designed for children. The guns don’t shoot far or fast, and there isn’t much gunplay to enjoy for people that are more used to other shooting games. Splatoon’s submerged movement has no wall kickoff mechanic, no momentum, no speed, and no air mobility — painting in Splatoon feels more like making ladders to get to upper areas than something that really gets your mind racing to find unique ways of getting around.”

TideTurn is a high energy game where every moment is spent making game-changing decisions. Do you jump from building to building, looking for the right opportunity to strike? Do you swiftly sneak around the map, making sure it’s entirely covered in your color? Do you block your enemy’s path, using your abilities to overpower them? Or do you head to Ghirardelli and eat some chocolate? Endless strategy and creative, freeform movement makes TideTurn an entirely new experience for gamers that need a new and challenging tactical shooter.
The Stanion Studios team is excited to see what strategies players come up with on November 10, 2020. Stay tuned for more updates on defenders, gameplay, weapons, lore, and MapMaker mode.

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