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Explore and Innovate with MapMaker

published : October 15, 2020

TideTurn’s unique gameplay strategy is all about freeform movement and fast-paced action. The map environments are your canvas. To further support your exploration of endless movement possibilities, TideTurn is launching its built-in MapMaker mode, available with its November 10 release.
With MapMaker, you can create your own map in minutes without ever needing to know code, allowing you to open up new movement options to the rest of the TideTurn community — although there might be some sneaky strats you want to keep to yourself.
“Every new tool we use to design the TideTurn game is also made available to our playerbase to use however they like to turn their ideas into real gameplay,” Game Designer and Director, Ian Stanion, said.

No coding required //

TideTurn MapMaker is extra awesome because it’s accessible without ever leaving the client. There are no extra modding tools or programming experience needed to create a brand new map or switch up an existing map for a new game mode.
According to Stanion Studios Lead Programmer, Craig Delancy, MapMaker was created to be as accessible as possible. It’s simple yet powerful, allowing you to test out layouts and different defender’s movements throughout the building process.
“This allows players to have immediate feedback. They’ll know if a defender can make a jump or if a certain wall can be painted or climbed up,” Delancy explained.
Any object found within a TideTurn free-to-play multiplayer map is available in MapMaker mode. This includes defender spawns, weapon spawns, walls, floors, doorways, windows, and specialty objects as well as decorative items like fountains and statues — anything that comes from a multiplayer map!
With the addition of miscellaneous objects, basic shapes and custom player-made objects, players can create completely unique maps. for players to create completely unique maps with. The pool of usable tools for aspiring TideTurn map makers is constantly expanding!

Collaborate and compete //

TideTurn has a very “unique combo of game mechanics,” Delancy said. The entire development team is constantly testing MapMaker and providing feedback to each other, ensuring that the controls and interfaces are simple to use and easily allow for freeform movement strategies and concepts.
“We have seen pretty interesting ideas, like a map with no floor,” Delancy recalled. “It’s all walls. It focuses on horizontal movement along the walls using the water path mechanic.”
It’s these fascinating strategic concepts that make MapMaker inspiring for the TideTurn community. It’s that endless exploration of innovative movement (try saying that five times fast) that makes MapMaker even more meaningful.
When a designed level or game mode is complete, players can upload it to the TideTurn community, allowing other players to host games or further edit them — adding their own unique twists. This is a chance for players to express themselves and also have other players experience their creations, inspiring them to explore their own concepts.

“Gamers like being able to collaborate with their friends,” Delancy said. “Players can coordinate in real time, spending time constructing new maps or building game modes with friends.”
MapMaker will continuously expand along with more and greater TideTurn features with every 3-month release and content drops. New areas will always be added, as well as new tools that allow even more game modes and story mode campaign levels. Updates to the game always include new map assets, objects, and items for players to implement in their level creations using MapMaker.
Said Delancy: “I’m very excited to see what TideTurn players come up with in terms of level design in MapMaker. Especially if they find new patterns that we haven’t even thought of yet.”

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