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TideTurn Defender Reveal // Athidena and Henry

published : October 17, 2020

Hello, defenders! It’s another Saturday, meaning more defenders have been revealed. We’re showing you one Atlantian and one Human defender each week as we count down our official November 10 launch, giving you a better taste of what gameplay techniques and lore lie ahead.
There best way to introduce you to these defenders is by letting them do the introducing themselves. Plus, that’s less work for me. Win-win!

Atlantian // Athidena

I already know you don’t trust me. That’s fine. All you need to know is that I will give you the information you need from the surface world — and don’t worry about how I got it.
The reign of the Old Ones is over and I have since become a part of the Abyssian Court. In fact, they’ve helped me become what I am to better fulfill their purpose. They may not like it, but they need me now. I honestly don’t care what the Court does with the Humans I bring to them. So don’t get in my way. Although I must warn you, that will be quite difficult. I’m always there.

Invisibility Aspect //

I can find the perfect angle for taking down Humans when I’m invisible. This gives me the perfect opportunity to freely sneak around the map without detection, looking for the right moment to strike. You’ll be a puddle of water before you even knew I was there so don’t bother looking for me — it’ll only make things worse for you.

Decoy //

Humans are easy to confuse — meaning they’re easy to take down. I will often send a clone of myself forward, a hologram that easily distracts those defilers. And when they least expect it, I can switch places with the clone, making the hunt even more exciting. Assassination has never been so fun.

Human // Henry

Looks like you caught D.R.I.’s attention. What’d you do, rob a bank? Break into an Atlantian base? Save a cat from a tree? Let me tell you what I did. While working at a private military company — sorry, can’t tell ya which one — I saved this Atlantian power core thing, obviously some important tech or something. How’d I do it? Explosives, of course!
There’s really nothing you can’t do with a good ol’ explosion. I think you’ll find that mines, bombs, and the like are exactly what we need to stop Atlantians from having free reign on land. It’s flashy, a little unexpected, and creates quite a splash. If you know what I mean. Hopefully you do, no time to explain. Time to get a move on!

Assault Mines //

Atlantians think they’re all sneaky, swimming through their water paths everywhere.I got something that will stop them right in their tracks — static mines. Drop ‘em in the water so nobody can see ‘em. When an Atlantian tries to use that path? Boom! That’s a play they won’t expect.

Seeker Drones //

This is something I came up with when I saw how Atlantians were using water to quickly move around on land. I thought, “Know what also can swim on land with these paths?” Sharks, of course. I know — I’m always fighting dirty. These shark drones will follow existing water paths, chasing Atlantians on their own turf. This will get ‘em to leave the path and face me without all the fancy waterworks. Let’s see what they got!

Athidena and Henry are available to play November 10, 2020.

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